A United World Of Cuisine From The East & Beyond

5 Star Rated • ZAGAT Survey • Rated Excellent
Fans tout this \"inexpensive\" Asian BYO in Voorhees as a \"perfect mid-week \'I-don\'t-want-to-cook\" solution for its \"tasty\", \"well=prepared\" \"Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese\" fare with a European accent; \"competent\" service and a \"lovely\", low-lit setting seal the deal. - ZAGAT Survey

Meet Our Internationally Acclaimed Executive Chef

Chef H.J. Jan, the gold medal-winner of the 2008 IKA/Culinary Olympics, is joining forces with the renowned Greater Philadelphia restaurateur, Man Wong. Jan has been honored around the world for his masterful interpretations of authentic Chinese cuisine. Among the prestigious organizations that have distinguished him: the World Association of Chef Societies, the American Culinary Federation, the American Chefs Association, the German Chefs Association and the Academie Culinaire de France.

A Menu—And Atmosphere—To Be Savored

The menu designed by Chef Jan pulls from time-honored Asian and European influences resulting in an innovative and wholly unique cuisine that harmoniously fuses the best of both. And to help ensure that you’re conscious of every savory morsel, Coconut Bay’s interior, from the feng shui design to the tranquil waterfall, is focused on heightening the senses and ultimately tuning out the noisy world outside. Relax, enjoy, indulge.

Healthy Eating Simplified

Dining out can present a major pitfall for healthy dieters. But Coconut Bay Fusion offers an extensive menu chockfull of fresh, nutrient-rich dishes, including a full-service sushi bar, that will leave you feeling deeply satisfied and energetic. Consider the Coconut Bay Trio Delight—shrimp, scallops and lobster with a spicy seafood paste and shredded vegetables. Or, the Seafood Udon Noodle Soup—scallops and calamari in a French-style chicken broth with a hint of lime juice.